NL Ecoparks: Indonesia & the Netherlands
Let’s team up for a more sustainable Indonesia


Green initiative for sustainable waste management

Expanding populations, worldwide, struggle to find solutions to growing waste problems. Indonesia generates over 105,000 tonnes of urban waste every day, with a mere 5% recycled. With many of its landfills near capacity, Indonesia strives to cut its waste output 30% by 2025 and properly treat the remaining 70%. In the Netherlands, sustainable waste management has become a high-volume throughput industry – removing waste quickly, efficiently, hygienically, regularly and cheaply. The Netherlands recycles 80% of its waste, incinerating 17% with energy recovery, leaving only 3% as landfilled. To undertake such large endeavours as efficient waste management, collaboration with all stakeholders is imperative. The Dutch NL Ecoparks cluster is eager to partner with Indonesia to help achieve its goal of a sustainable solid waste management system.

An integrated approach towards solid waste management

The NL-Indonesia Ecopark partnership offers a holistic solution to waste management, placing human-centred design and sustainability at the core of its operational models. The issue of proper waste management is not just a government task. The NL Ecoparks cluster addresses the role of households, their attitudes, their waste handling practices and their interactions with other actors in the waste system. This includes optimized waste collection and logistics, a wide range of reuse and recycling options, high efficiency Waste-to-Energy technology and sustainable landfill strategies. The cluster offers this as a concentrated Ecopark or in a more widespread set-up. Existing systems can be given a boost as well. Any missing technology can be readily supplied by partner firms. The cluster partners are the frontrunners of the entire Dutch waste and circular economy sector.

Let’s partner for sustainability

The NL-Indonesia Ecopark partnership provides large scale, proven technologies that deliver a real and measurable impact – social and environmental – to solve Indonesia’s waste challenges. This is what the NL Ecoparks cluster has on offer. What can be done locally should be done locally. This is why the NL-Indonesia Ecopark partnership extends a hand and says: let’s team up for a more sustainable Indonesia.


An Integrated Approach





Supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the following Dutch companies and organizations aim to make the future economy circular, together with you:


AFVALZORG is the most specialized landfill company in The Netherlands. Afvalzorg supports governments and commercial companies worldwide. A special focus is on improving landfill management, landfill gas projects and waste management master planning.

Harvest Waste

Harvest Waste provides services and technology for Waste-to-Energy (WtE) projects, and consulting services to governments and stakeholders on strategies for waste management in a circular society. Harvest Waste’s High Efficiency (HE-WtE) technology is globally recognized as “beyond Best Available Technology” generating 30-50% more electricity from the same amount of incinerated waste than any other conventional technologies while achieving the lowest CO2 footprint per MWh of electricity produced.


Leading provider of innovative and highly efficient transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries. HYVA operates in over 110 countries, has 37 wholly-owned subsidiaries and distributed successfully waste solutions in the Asia region like RCV’s.


Since 1975, Hofstetter has successfully delivered more than 1,700 plants worldwide in the field of anaerobic digestion, biogas, sewage gas and landfill and coal mine gas treatment as well as the incineration of off-gases from industrial processes.

Colubris Cleantech

Colubris Cleantech uses practical experience to build some of the most innovative yet robust Waste Sorting Plants with the flexibility to deal with inconsistent waste streams both efficiently and cost effectively.

Trisoplast Mineral Liners and Multriwell

Trisoplast Mineral Liners and Multriwell

Trisoplast® is a robust and flexible environmentally protective bottom liner for landfills, tank terminals, industrial sites and infrastructure. Multriwell is an effective solution for landfill gas extraction, allowing landfill operators to extract considerably more gas.



Infinrg is a startup company producing renewable natural gas out of organic waste from existing biogas producers in Southeast Asia. All technology and support is provided by HoSt, an established bioenergy installation, design and construction company specialized in biogas, combustion and gas upgrading installations.

Rebel Circular Economy

Rebel Circular Economy BV is a subsidiary of RebelGroup (Rebel), a Dutch global advisory practice. Rebel Circular Economy provides consultancy services for public and private clients, specialising in measuring sustainability, strategy and value chains as well as circular procurement.

Open University

The Open University of the Netherlands (OU) develops, provides and promotes innovative higher distance education, in collaboration with networks and alliances. The Open University is involved in several projects in Indonesia, especially in plastics pollution.


MetaSus promotes exports and international cooperation in environmental technologies, with a special focus on waste management and the circular economy. MetaSus is the coordinator in the Netherlands of the NL Ecopark cluster.

BreAd B.V.

Supports cities and regions in developing countries in preparing and implementing a firm backbone of collection, transport, proper landfilling, basic recycling and composting of municipal solid waste, including a professional organisation and cost covering fees. Our services include analyses, master planning and capacity building.



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